Our Dependable SuppliersOver decades, RMG has fostered enduring trust with our panel of preferred suppliers.

We streamline your product placement, connecting you directly to eager markets. With RMG, you focus on quality, while we handle the demand.

Our Valued CustomersRMG provides procurement services for thousands of clients domestically and internationally

Effortlessly secure proteins at the perfect price and moment with RMG. We provide the tools, so you can focus on bigger tasks rather than juggling multiple suppliers and market research.


Our Process

  • Our primary objective is to understand your business and outline where the pain points or opportunities exist.

    Once established, we will develop a roadmap to execute on your required outcomes, for weekly, monthly or yearly considerations pertinent to your business.

  • With an incredibly large and diverse supply chain, we have the depth and flexibility to supply multiple proteins from various packers domestically and globally, with continuity of supply a trademark of our business.

Why choose us

A large versatile team to elevate all aspects of business

  • Empowerment

    At RMG, we're more than a link in the supply chain. Through tailored logistics, flexible financing, and unwavering support, we amplify our clients' capabilities, ensuring they operate at their peak in the protein marketplace.

  • Flexibility

    As Australia's largest independent protein procurement partner, boasts unique adaptability from our private ownership. Free from bureaucracy, we pivot swiftly, catering to every niche, dedicated solely to our valued partners.

  • Trusted

    We pride ourselves on our strong work ethic and trusted values. We live and work with enthusiasm and integrity. Personal development is a huge part of the culture at RMG Global Trading.

Feeding the future

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